About Us

Offensive Industries is a life style brand based around self defense, self reliance, preparedness and community.  We follow the methodology of Violence Is Mandatory. Which means, you have to be capable of violence, but it is not always necessary. The ability to commit violence however, is essential. It is better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in a war- Sun Tzu . We make custom hand made knives and are most known for our ambidextrous Kydex sheaths. We make the full package, blade and deep sheath. And we also make Kydex sheaths for several other knife makers in the community. OI was established in 2017, and the goal is to establish community and show people a different way of living.  I spent 11 years in the military, and followed with 4 years as a law enforcement officer, And then moved into building this brand. We want to show people that being able to take care of yourself in any environment is important. And that the only one who will save you, is you.